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Everyone Has a List What is the best gift for a writer? It seems every popular blog I follow has a list. But those lists are not realistic. For example, an old typewriter makes a nice conversation piece, but no writer wants one except for, maybe, decoration. Webinars, writers’ retreats and workshops, writing conferences… Those […]
The Importance of Finding Your Story A common question asked to writers everywhere at every social function is, what is your book about? Do we even know? Since November is National Novel Writing Month and since today starts NaNoWriMo, let us talk about finding the heart of our stories. Whether you are a plotter or […]
What is a Writing Workshop? A writers workshop is a setting where writers who want to take their writing to the next level submit their work for review and critique. Sometimes peer-reviewed, most times by a professional writer or editor. A writing workshop is not a writer’s conference. The goal of conferences is usually learning […]
Why Do We Call It Labor Day? Today is Labor Day, a day of rest for most workers (and time and a half pay for the rest). Barbecues, beer, parades, maybe a last visit to the beach or swimming pool… Labor Day in the United States is the unofficial end of Summer. A day of […]
If You Provide Value You Deserve Compensation Some myths refuse to die because we romanticized them. We repeat them; we keep believing them. They need to die. Especially the myth of the starving artist. Enough! This blog post is inspired by a Facebook post in a writing group. The question asked was: if you were […]
A Painful Necessity Asking for and giving critiques is not easy. Harsh critique can be painful. Nobody wants to hear their lovely draft they spend hours, if not days or weeks, writing, sucks. And yet, it is required. If you are an aspiring professional, and even if you are a seasoned one, you need feedback […]
What is a Platform? Every single writing conference, workshop, and convention I have attended in the past three years talk about the same two things over and over. Voice and platform. Both seem esoteric topics. Today we are discussing platform. Why is having a platform so stressful and so important for writers? In one word, […]
A Writer’s Best Friend We previously discussed how writers need mentors and about how writers need to network with their peers. We also discussed how beta readers are important. Today, we are going to talk about an author’s most important ally. Their BFF. The one person who could save your skin from the metaphorical fire. […]
Who is a Mentor? Do You Need One? Trial and error is a great way of learning and improving. Luckily, it is not the only way to learn and grow. Instead of trying thousands of ways and waste hours trying and see what stick, you could find yourself a mentor. A mentor is by definition […]
You Need to Know Your Peers Networking is about interacting with others and developing a professional relationship. Some experts swear by the mantra “your network is your net worth“. No disagreement there. It seems at every writing conference, people want to network. Indeed, networking is essential to breaking in and having a successful career, not […]
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