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What is the Point of No Man’s Sky? No Man’s Sky is a video game created by Hello Games back in 2016. And although many gamers consider it an action/adventure, or a sandbox game, for me it is primarily a survival and exploration game. Furthermore, No Man’s Sky is a science fiction fan’s dream come […]
Russia Leaving the ISS is Bad News On July 26th, 2022, Russia announced it will be leaving the International Space Station after it fulfilled all previous commitments in 2024. Given all the sanctions from the West over the Ukrainian invasion, this is not surprising. However, this is not good news either. Can we have an […]
Science Fiction Needs Scientists Xenology is the study of extraterrestrial life (not to be confused with astrobiology, the study of life in the universe). A xeno-scientist is a scientist who studies natural and social sciences but applied to other planets. The word scientist comes from the Latin word “scientificus“, meaning someone who seeks knowledge. The […]
Exploring Our Home Star Let’s talk about corona. No, not coronavirus. I am sick of it (pun intended). Something more exciting. Yes, the sun’s corona. The sun is the closest star to us. Moreover, without our sun, there could be no life here on Earth. Not only does it warm our planet, but plants need […]
What is Astrobiology? Astrobiology is the study of life on planet Earth and in outer space. Astrobiology used to be known as “exobiology”. Yes, the study of alien life. Yes, I can hear your protestations, “but alien life is not real? Why study something that it does not exist? How does it benefit us?” Conversely, […]
To Explore is Human What if instead of further creating divisions here on Earth we unite behind a common goal? And what if space exploration was that goal? Why not? Exploration and discovery are part of our human DNA. We left the African savannah for Asia and spread to all corners of the planet. Our […]
Get Away, See The Worlds Space tourism sounds like the plot of a sci-fi novel. Far away in the future, not soon. It belongs right there with flying cars, space elevators, or the cure for cancer. Something they keep promising humanity but has yet to materialize. Or is it? Tourism is a billion-dollar industry. Some […]
Where to Explore? Where to Colonize? Our future and our survival as a species depend on space exploration. Not only the Earth won’t last forever, but our sun will also eventually explode. Granted, hundred of centuries in the future, but still, we need to prepare. A day like today, Cristóbal Colón (Christopher Columbus to Americans) […]
Our First Meeting with Our Cosmic Neighbors If there is a science fiction trope we cannot get enough is the First Contact one (yes, capitalized). First Contact refers to humanity’s first meeting with aliens. Of course, for this to happen, sentient alien life should exist. Nobody is excited about meeting bacteria or plants. We want […]
The Fifteenth Club There are 195 nations on planet Earth, more or less. There are only fifteen nations participating in the International Space Station. I call them the Club of Fifteen: Russia, the USA, Canada, Japan, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. What happened to the […]
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