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When Magic Meets Technology A technomancer is like a wizard except his spells are technology-based. Or like a necromancer, except he speaks with machines, not the dead. These are wizards experts in technomancy. Technomancy refers to magical abilities that affect machinery or the use of magical powers through technology. Indeed, a high-tech, low magic sort […]
Science Fiction Needs Scientists Xenology is the study of extraterrestrial life (not to be confused with astrobiology, the study of life in the universe). A xeno-scientist is a scientist who studies natural and social sciences but applied to other planets. The word scientist comes from the Latin word “scientificus“, meaning someone who seeks knowledge. The […]
The Problem with Unilinear Cultural Evolution In science fiction stories, we often encounter alien beings as characters. Furthermore, in most stories, the alien races are more biologically and culturally advanced and evolved than us. Their technology is almost like magic. Indeed, we implicitly expect aliens to have better technology and weaponry. Otherwise, how could they […]
Characters as Cannon Fodder Redshirts are both a trope and a stock character in science fiction stories. Popularize on Star Trek, legend says whoever wears a red shirt, dies on camera unless it is a main character. In brief, a redshirt is a sci-fi word for cannon fodder. Cannon fodder refers to a soldier who […]
Can Humans be Psionic? What is Psionics? Psionics is a fancy word for having paranormal mental abilities. An Esper refers to a person who has extra-sensorial perception. Whether you call it a sixth sense or paranormal abilities, the idea that humans can develop mental abilities and use them is an old one. Likewise is the […]
The Villains We Love to Hate Space pirates are more than stock characters in science fiction; they are the bad guys we love to hate. Everyone loves pirates. Except space pirates are cooler. A space pirate is someone who attacks spaceships, steals their cargo, loot, and plunder. At times, they also kidnap murder and enslave. […]
Flying Through the Stars Faster Than Light Starship pilots, space pilots, spaceship pilots, or simply pilots, whatever you call them, are the intrepid men and women who fly spaceships. And just like on Earth you would not trust just anyone to fly airplanes, we would not trust anyone to fly spaceships. Pilots have to be […]
Can a Baby Be Born in Space? A spaceborn human is a human born in space. Easy, no? However, we should ask, can a baby be born in space? Is it dangerous? In short, yes. Long answer, the lack of gravity or lower gravity will be a problem. A spaceborn baby will have to deal […]
Travelers of the Fourth Dimension A chrononaut is a fancy word for a time traveler. Time travel is the ultimate wish-fulfillment and science fiction’s ultimate fantasy. But stories about time travel required travelers. Hence, chrononauts. From the Ancient Greek chronos (time deity) and nautes (sailor). Yes, Chronos is the father of Zeus, god of seasons, […]
Space Sailors Astronauts are the most fundamental science fiction stock character. Also, they are the most realistic ones. Most people had never seen a robot, an alien, a cyberhacker, a clone, or a cyborg. However, everyone has seen an astronaut, at least on television. Astronauts are real people, it is an actual profession. The word […]
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