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Unforgettable Characters They are eccentric, courageous, and highly quotable. Some of them are not even human. Of course, I am talking about science fiction and fantasy characters. We, readers, love novels that give us relatable and unforgettable characters, the quirky the better. Some characters become part of pop culture. Daenerys, anyone? As an aspiring author, […]
Are We Collecting Our Childhoods? Toy collecting as a hobby is nothing new. Kids who grew up playing He-Man and Star Wars, girls who grew up playing with Barbie and My Little Pony never stopped collecting. Others, like myself, stop collecting after a certain age and restart after a certain age (usually after 40). What […]
Made in Italy Il Volo is an Italian trio composed by Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto, and Gianluca Ginoble, two tenors and one baritone. Two Sicilians and one Abruzzian. Once upon a time in Italy, they were known as “il lungo, il corto, e il pacioccone” (the tall one, the short one, and the chubby one). […]
Black (Super) Power Who are the top ten black superheroes? Why does it matter? Let me tell you. It matters because African-Americans are US Americans too. And black people read comics too. But mostly because superheroes are role models and black superheroes can be role models for black kids who will be inspired to be […]
Beatles, Democracy, Children’s Rights Mafalda is the name of a comic strip created by Argentinian cartoonist Quino (pseudonym of Joaquín Salvador Lavado Tejón). This beloved comic strip was groundbreaking for its time and remains so to this date. Precocious and outspoken kids are nothing new in comic strips. From Dennis, the Menace to Big Nate, […]
The World’s Greatest Illustrated Magazine Once upon a time, there was this magazine your high school friends will talk about in whispers. There is nudity, titties. Playboy? No, Heavy Metal. Heavy Metal magazine was created in April 1977 as a comics anthology. So yes, we are almost the same age. Heavy Metal magazine was a […]
You Are What You Play Do our video game genre preferences reflect our culture? What does it say about us, video game fans? Video games are big business, bigger than films, comics, anime, or books. For example, 2020’s best-selling video game, Call of Duty, sold 25.02 million copies, 4.7 million in its first 24 hours […]
What is Pop Culture? Speculative fiction is literature about possibilities. Pop culture is about what people like. How do they intersect? When we speak of pop culture (short for popular culture), we speak about entertainment, music, comic books, video games, sports, politics, fashion, technology, literature, film, and slang. No, do not confuse pop culture with […]
They are Both Animated Pictures, Right? Besides comic books and comic strips, is there a more quintessential US-American art form than the cartoon? From Bugs Bunny to Mickey Mouse to Porky Pig to Donald Duck to Tom and Jerry to Betty Boop to Scooby-Doo to Bart Simpson to Eric Cartman to Johnny Bravo to Fred […]
This Happen to a Friend of a Friend… Urban legends are modern folktales and myths. They are transmitted orally and they serve the same function of old folktales from centuries ago, to warn people about dangerous situations, to entertain, or both. These stories are oral narratives in which something really bad or really embarrassing happens […]
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