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I Did Not Know What I Wanted Today, I am proud to say I am an anthropology major and if I were eighteen again, I would choose anthropology again. But back when I was seventeen in Juana Díaz, Puerto Rico, I did not know what I wanted to be. Does anyone know at that age […]
What Would a World Without Speculative Fiction Look Like? As someone who loves speculative fiction, and writes it, I wonder, what would a world without speculative fiction look like? In brief, boring. To begin, speculative fiction is for most of us, our first literature. Fantasy, fairy tales, and picture books with monsters and ghosts. Comic […]
A Bad Year for Us, A Good Year for Pop Culture 2022 was a horrible year for humanity. So bad, I am happy to see it go. 2023 does not look promising either. War, plague, record gun violence, climate disasters, inflation, etc. Nevertheless, a bad year for humanity does not mean it was a bad […]
Cover Art to Fall in Love With The best book covers are not only beautiful but tell a story or, at least, hint at themes and the plot of the novel. We, readers, will not only judge a book by its cover but will buy (or give it a try) a book because we love […]
Everyone Has a List What is the best gift for a writer? It seems every popular blog I follow has a list. But those lists are not realistic. For example, an old typewriter makes a nice conversation piece, but no writer wants one except for, maybe, decoration. Webinars, writers’ retreats and workshops, writing conferences… Those […]
People are Brands We talked many times about brands and branding. I believe in both, personal branding and brand storytelling. They are both valid tools for writers. Conversely, many writers, myself included, are wary of branding for fear of being pigeonholed or known for one thing only. Nonetheless, the most successful authors out there, the […]
Why Do We Lie to Ourselves? Intellectual dishonesty is when we judge others harsher than ourselves. Or when we fail to apply the same standards of evaluation to ourselves that we apply to others. Others call it a “lack of scientific rigor”. However, we are talking about writers and creators, not scientists. Although scientists can […]
Rewarding Superior Achievement Halloween is approaching, so what better time to talk about horror fiction and the Stoker Award? The Bram Stoker Award is obviously named after the author of Dracula, the seminal Gothic horror novel. The award started in 1987. The Horror Writers Association members select the winners for superior achievement in horror and […]
Russia Leaving the ISS is Bad News On July 26th, 2022, Russia announced it will be leaving the International Space Station after it fulfilled all previous commitments in 2024. Given all the sanctions from the West over the Ukrainian invasion, this is not surprising. However, this is not good news either. Can we have an […]
No Dream is Too Big or Too Bold Dreams give our lives purpose. Dreams keep us going. Without dreams, we are like zombies, going through life but not living. Everyone’s dreams are different. Some people dream of meeting their favorite celebrity. Others dream of marriage or going out on a date. Many more dream of […]
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