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Similar But Not Alike What are the differences between Jow Ga and Hung Gar? How similar or different are they? Hung Gar and Jow Ga are two Chinese martial arts styles that get mixed up. Both are amazing to watch. Both styles are dangerous. In effect, there are many traits both traditional kung fu styles […]
A Lost Martial Art? Bo Zi Quan, also known as ‘Bojiao Shi Quan‘ is one of the weirdest Chinese styles of kung fu. Practically unknown in the West, with little to no information available. There are thousands of lost martial arts due to persecution from communism and the Chinese People’s Party promotion of state-sponsored kung […]
What is Zui Quan? Zui Quan is one of my top ten kung fu styles. I blame Jackie Chan for it. It is his fault. Thanks to Jackie Chan, Zui Quan is one of the biggest, most recognizable kung fu styles in the world. Zui Quan is Chinese for drunken fist or drunken boxing. But […]
A Symbol of Happiness and Longevity Fujian Province is located on the Southeastern coast of China, across from Taiwan. It was a key trading center for centuries, even visited by Marco Polo. Fujian remains an area of traders and seafarers, a place of prosperity with a population used to foreigners. Fujian is also a land […]
Rake Fist or Eight Extremities Fist? Bajiquan is my favorite kung fu style. I loved it so much, I almost listed it as the top kung-fu style. However, Pai Mei‘s explosive combat application earned it the top post. But make no mistake, Bajiquan is just as effective. What is bajiquan? Bajiquan is a Northern martial art that is unlike most Northern […]
March 2023