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Magic as Metaphor When is a secondary world not a secondary world? When is a unicorn not a unicorn? When is a wizard not a wizard? And when is a dragon not a dragon? Answer: when they are an allegory to something else. An allegory is a literary device in which the characters and events […]
Risky Literature for Modern Times How transgressive are science fiction and fantasy? Speculative fiction is an umbrella term for those stories that begin with a what-if proposition and explores its repercussions. Science fiction, fantasy, horror, dystopian, slipstream, alternate history, superhero fiction, and weird fiction are some of the genres encompassed by speculative fiction. Speculative fiction has […]
Cards from A Different Century Tarot began in 15th century Italy as a card game called tarocchi. Today, it is better known as a divination tool, something psychics and card readers use to predict the future. And despite being a product of six centuries ago, it remains popular in modern times. Furthermore, it is popular with […]
It is the End of the World and I Feel Bored Writing experts debate whether there are three, seven, or thirty-six writing plots. In speculative fiction, sometimes it feels there is only one: to save the world. Do every science fiction and fantasy novel need to be about the end of the world? Don’t readers […]
Lost and Found Worlds Speculative fiction is about what-if premises. The lost world trope is the ultimate what-if. A civilization previously unknown rediscovered. The first thing we need to understand is that lost worlds are not secondary worlds. These are worlds inside our planet, in our universe. These stories were popular since the 1860s. Jules […]
Speculative Poetry is Magical Speculative poetry is magical. Or it can be. When written well it transports us to lands of fantastical possibilities and glamorous illusions. We all grew up with fairy tales, fairy godmothers, and generous Tooth Fairies. Sadly, the fairies of folklore are not as kind. Yet, who would not want to visit […]
Simplistic But Not Simple Naïve art is a term used for a visual art style created by a person without formal training. In short, non-professionals. Naïve art tends to be confused with other art styles such as primitivism, folk art, and outsider art. And yet, those styles are similar but not like naïve art. Naïve art […]
Is There a Gender Divide in Speculative Fiction? Speculative fiction is for everyone who loves challenging literature with lots of action, thought-provoking plots, and ideas, as well as make-belief and escapism. It is quite popular these days. However, fantasy is more popular than science fiction. That is a fact supported by the monthly best-selling lists. […]
Where Do We Encounter It? Where refers to a place, a setting, or even a direction. Thus, today, let’s debate, what is the where of speculative fiction? Where we encounter speculative fiction is almost as important as when we do. For most of us, it is our first literature. And we encountered it at home, […]
Magical Medicine An elixir, from the Arab word al-iksir, is a sweet liquid used for healing. A potion is a liquid with healing or magical properties but, unlike the elixir, can also be poisonous. Both are common in fantasy fiction, video games, tabletop games, and anime. Your character’s life or hit points get reduced to […]
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