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Demography is the Study of Populations Demography, from the Greek words demos (people, same prefix as democracy) and graphos (writing) is the study of human populations. And as a discipline, it is essential to anthropology, sociology, economics, political science, and psychology. Nevertheless, demography has more in common with human geography. It is the Arab philosopher […]
Writing Prompts are Tools Writing prompts are clues, or better yet, cues, to help a writer focus on a topic or plot. Writing prompts are valid tools for writers, especially aspiring writers. Writer’s block? Try a writing prompt or two. Even better, just write whatever comes to you. Do not censor yourself. Sometimes, our brains […]
Risky Literature for Modern Times How transgressive are science fiction and fantasy? Speculative fiction is an umbrella term for those stories that begin with a what-if proposition and explores its repercussions. Science fiction, fantasy, horror, dystopian, slipstream, alternate history, superhero fiction, and weird fiction are some of the genres encompassed by speculative fiction. Speculative fiction has […]
The Self Versus the Other Otherness refers to the quality or fact of being different. Horror literature refers to fiction meant to provoke fear and disgust in the reader. Horror fiction is not just for cheap thrills. Indeed, it can be highly allegorical. And more often than not, the monster in horror is an allegory […]
Why is Horror so Morally Conservative? Films about slashers cutting killing people, monsters chasing teenagers, paranormal spirits battling humans for possession… Scary stuff, no? And upon closer view, so conservative. And yet, it makes sense. Most horror fiction is nothing but a modern reinterpretation of morality plays. Good versus evil, God versus the Devil, virtue […]
It is the End of the World and I Feel Bored Writing experts debate whether there are three, seven, or thirty-six writing plots. In speculative fiction, sometimes it feels there is only one: to save the world. Do every science fiction and fantasy novel need to be about the end of the world? Don’t readers […]
What Are Human Rights? Human rights are those rights inherent to us all by the simple condition of being human. Our nationality, sex, ethnicity, social class, race, language, or age does not matter. We all have these same rights. Human rights are a modern political philosophy. However, ancient philosophers debated natural law and natural rights […]
A Guest post by author G. W. Darcie Readers, let’s welcome to Speculative Tertulia science fiction author G. W. Darcie who kindly volunteered to write this post. G. W. Darcie is the author of the Guardian Android series, several short stories, and the upcoming novel The World of She. He comes from Canada, the land […]
Latinos Read Comics Too A Latino is a social category used to identify people from Latin America. Granted, you would not have Latin America without Latin Europe. But hardly anyone calls Latin Europeans Latinos. Latino is an ethnicity, not a race. Latinos can be white, black, brown, yellow, indigenous, or mixed (we prefer the term […]
The Boyfriend Did It? If there is a horror genre trope I am not a fan of is the “evil boyfriend” one. Can we let it go? Or come up with something different? Two people in love, (usually also lust), hunted by a monster or an armed killer… That seems to be the premise of […]
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