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People are Brands We talked many times about brands and branding. I believe in both, personal branding and brand storytelling. They are both valid tools for writers. Conversely, many writers, myself included, are wary of branding for fear of being pigeonholed or known for one thing only. Nonetheless, the most successful authors out there, the […]
What Differentiates a Fan from a Consumer? Brands, even speculative fiction brands, have fans and consumers. Not just visual media properties like Star Trek and Doctor Who. Some books have rabid fanbases. Of course, a hot TV show or well-reviewed film will attract new fans. However, not everyone who watches the latest Star Wars or […]
Does Your Brand Matter that Much to Readers? Do writers need to “have a brand”? Do readers care? They keep telling us writers at conferences we need to have a writer brand. Brands sell books. Brands matter. Except we just want to write stories. Writers do not like to be pigeonholed. Branding sounds like picking […]
What is Your Writing Voice? Your writing voice is more than your style. Your writing voice refers to your vocabulary, your tone, your point of view, your style, and your quirks. Even the grammar and punctuation marks we use. And those words we tend to overuse. Also, our metaphors and interjections too. In brief, how […]
What is Brand Storytelling? Brand storytelling is a term used in marketing in which corporations tell their story, often in a creative way, to sell their brand to customers. Brand storytelling can be humorous or serious. It should always fit the brand. But we are writers, not corporations, you would say. Why do I need […]
It is No Different Than Money Social currency is the name given to the actual and potential resources people get from participating in social networks, both online and offline. In plain English, there is a benefit from interacting with people. These benefits do not necessarily have to be monetary. So how does gossiping online, liking […]
We Remember Stories Whether you are a writer, a creative or a professional, you have to take control of your narrative. We previously established everyone has a brand, even writers. Your brand is your reputation. We also discussed the power of myths. Your brand story is your myth. Yes, you need one. Think of it […]
Why Everyone Loves Disney? Everyone loves Disney. The success of Walt Disney as an entertainment conglomerate feels like the ultimate American Dream success story. The Chicago-born Walter Elias Disney was many things (film animator, producer, entrepreneur, voice actor, chairman) but he will be remembered as a visionary. Also a pioneer in the fields of animation and a […]
Your Brand is a Reflection of Your Personality We previously looked at branding for writers. Branding is the trendy buzzword at most writers’ conferences (along with voice and platform). Branding is not hard to understand as long as you know yourself. Indeed, we are our brands. First, we should remember branding is what distinguishes one product over […]
What Are You About? A tagline is a phrase (more like a catchphrase or a slogan) that encapsulates in no more than three to six words what you as a writer are about. Think about it as a summary of your brand. Your mission, your promise to your readers, your main goal. The best taglines […]
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