About Me

Who is Ingmar Albizu?

Ingmar Albizu is a pen name of a Puerto Rican born and raised science fiction author.

Yes, I named myself after a creative genius (Ingmar Bergman) and a political revolutionary (Pedro Albizu Campos).

My promise to you the reader is challenging writing with a touch of insurrection. Because who wants a future who resembles the status quo?

My tagline is “Writing Boundless Utopian Futures“.

Yes, I am kind of an optimist. A proud ‘the future will be brighter, science will solve our problems’ kind of guy (don’t worry, science will also create others problems because conflict drives plot).

I am also a big fan of NASA and a believer in the merits of space exploration.

These days I call Philadelphia, PA home but Borinquen remains my motherland.

A Little About Me

Ingmar Albizu

A long time ago, I was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, the so-called “City of Lions“. At the age of 11, I moved next door to Juana Diaz, “the City of Kings and Poets“, where I completed high school.

I am an aspiring writer in speculative fiction. I started reading science fiction at the age of six.

I have a degree in Anthropology from the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras. Afterward, I attended graduate school at Temple University on a fellowship grant.

Why did I study anthropology? Because I have always been fascinated with other cultures, evolution and what makes us humans.

Incidentally, in 2015, I received a red sash (master) degree in Spirit Fist Kung-Fu.

Among my many hobbies are reading, playing tennis, martial arts, chess, and board games.

I love watching anime, star gazing, visiting museums and reading books. I also have a thing for collecting bookmarks.

About My Writing

I seek to explore several themes in my writing.

For example, the future of Homo sapiens as a species. Or what constitutes otherness (and science fiction is a fertile ground for this). As well as the evolution of culture and power structures, among other topics.

I do not expect my writing to be all science and no fiction; all ideas and no action. For that would be unexciting and boring.

After all, people read science fiction to escape reality and transcend our limits. To visit worlds and explore ideas beyond our current technological progress.

As I unleash my imagination to the outer galaxies and the far future, here on Earth I remain,

Ingmar Albizu.

P.S.: Viva Puerto Rico Libre!