One Month to Vote for the Hugos!

The Fandom’s Choice Awards

July 15th is the voting deadline for the fans to vote for the Hugo awards. Incidentally, it is about a month away.

Unlike the Nebulas, the Hugo Awards are chosen by the fans. That is why they are so important. We the fans get a say into who gets the coveted award.

There are many different categories. As a member of my local science fiction society this year’s Hugo panel, I will be reading and analyzing the nominees in the following categories: short stories, novelettes, novellas, novels, graphic novels, short and long dramatic presentations.

However, there are other nominees in several categories like favorite podcast, best editor, fanzine, best new writer, best artist, and even best series.

The Hugo awards are all about fandom. They are for the fans and by the fans. They are the most democratical award out there. It is our responsibility to support the Hugos.

Now, how do you support the Hugos?

Read and Watch as Many Nominees as You Possibly Can

If you are going to vote, you need to be an informed voter. An informed voter does its homework. It may seem like a herculean task, but it is not impossible. Try to read as many of the nominees as you can.

Same for the nominees in short and long dramatic presentation: try to watch as many of the TV shows and films nominated. Who knows, you may discover a favorite new show or change your mind of a film you previously saw after a second viewing (I know I did on both counts).

Even if you cannot Attend Worldcon 75, Buy a Supportive Membership

I will give anything to attend Worldcon 75 and be in Helsinki. Unfortunately, I live paycheck to paycheck. However, I can afford a supportive membership (it is only $40 US dollars).

As a side benefit, you get access to the Hugo awards ballot and the Hugo voter’s packet with most nominees in PDF or another format.

Go to and buy a membership. The voter’s packet alone makes it a great deal.


Fans love to have their voice heard. We science fiction and fantasy fans tend to be strongly opinionated. This is the one time of the year we get to be strongly opinionated for a common cause and make our voice heard.

Back in November, I urged you to vote. Today I am asking the same. Vote. Make your fan voice heard even if you vote “no award.”

This is your chance to reward your favorites. And unlike the last election, your vote does count!

Reader, are you ready to vote for the Hugos?


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