My Word for 2023: Effort

One Word to Focus on in 2023

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Forget New Year’s resolutions. Many swear by having one word to describe the new year. It is a way to focus on their intentions and goals.

I previously shared my word for 2021 (action) and my word for 2022 (hope). Which should be the one for this year?

How can you condense 365 days into one word? By self-reflection.

For example, we honestly look back at the previous year. Which goals did we achieve? Which ones we did not? What worked and did not? What do we need to work on the most?

Furthermore, what could we do differently knowing what we know?

So far, 2020, 2021, and 2022 had been bad years personally and for the whole planet. They say three strikes and you are out, right? So, 2023 has to be a good year, no?

What can I do differently? After serious consideration, my word for 2023 is effort.

Why? Many reasons.

  • First, because like any good Puerto Rican, I procrastinate. A lot.
  • Second, I am fast approaching my self-imposed ten-year deadline to become a published author.
Therefore, it is now, year seven, when I make a strong push toward my goal and my dream before it is too late. But mostly because I know I need to put more effort into this.

In effect, writing science fiction and fantasy is never effortless.

A Vigorous or Determined Attempt

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Effort, by definition, means a vigorous or determined attempt. It is another way to describe hard work or an earnest or serious attempt.

By choosing error, I understand I need to be more determined and work harder at my goal.

Thus, instead of submitting one story a month, submit five. Multiply my rejections. Eventually, one market would say yes.

When we apply effort to an endeavor, we are telling the universe, and ourselves, I am serious about this. I want this. I am working towards it. I refuse to give up.

Effort takes hard work and sacrifice. Thus, we must ask ourselves, is it worth it? (I ask myself constantly and I bet even my self-published friends do so too).

A New Year gives us a clean slate, an opportunity to restart. But restart from a place of reflection and humility.

Furthermore, there is no place for complacency. We must never stop learning. We must never stop trying either. We must keep writing and submitting.

My word for 2023 is effort. And I pray this effort pays out before the year is over.

Reader, what is your one word for 2023?


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