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Writing Prompts are Tools Writing prompts are clues, or better yet, cues, to help a writer focus on a topic or plot. Writing prompts are valid tools for writers, especially aspiring writers. Writer’s block? Try a writing prompt or two. Even better, just write whatever comes to you. Do not censor yourself. Sometimes, our brains […]
Everyone Has a List What is the best gift for a writer? It seems every popular blog I follow has a list. But those lists are not realistic. For example, an old typewriter makes a nice conversation piece, but no writer wants one except for, maybe, decoration. Webinars, writers’ retreats and workshops, writing conferences… Those […]
Why Do We Lie to Ourselves? Intellectual dishonesty is when we judge others harsher than ourselves. Or when we fail to apply the same standards of evaluation to ourselves that we apply to others. Others call it a “lack of scientific rigor”. However, we are talking about writers and creators, not scientists. Although scientists can […]
When Did History Begin? History is the study of past events. But how do historians study the past? Mainly through written records and documents.  Granted, there are other ways, such as oral histories, myths, and material remains. But those are not reliable. And yes, neither are written records. As Winston Churchill famously said, “history is […]
The Generative Writing Speculative Fiction Club In my real life, under my real name, I am the facilitator (don’t call me president) of the Curiouser Writing Group. We are a generative speculative fiction writing group affiliated with the Kelly Writers House located on UPenn campus. We are fans and writers who meet on Tuesdays evenings […]
Does Your Brand Matter that Much to Readers? Do writers need to “have a brand”? Do readers care? They keep telling us writers at conferences we need to have a writer brand. Brands sell books. Brands matter. Except we just want to write stories. Writers do not like to be pigeonholed. Branding sounds like picking […]
The Importance of Finding Your Story A common question asked to writers everywhere at every social function is, what is your book about? Do we even know? Since November is National Novel Writing Month and since today starts NaNoWriMo, let us talk about finding the heart of our stories. Whether you are a plotter or […]
Who Was Enrique Laguerre? Enrique Arturo Laguerre Vélez was the most celebrated Puerto Rican novelist of the last century. He was also a journalist, essayist, poet, newspaper columnist, teacher, and playwriter. In 1999, Enrique Laguerre was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature. What an honor for our island. He was born in Moca, Puerto […]
About Curiouser Writing Group When I am not busy working my day job, blogging three times a week, or being president of the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society, I am busy once a week with Curiouser. Curioser is the speculative fiction writing group of the Kelly Writers House in Philadelphia. It was created by UPenn alumn […]
What is a Writing Workshop? A writers workshop is a setting where writers who want to take their writing to the next level submit their work for review and critique. Sometimes peer-reviewed, most times by a professional writer or editor. A writing workshop is not a writer’s conference. The goal of conferences is usually learning […]
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