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Unforgettable Characters They are eccentric, courageous, and highly quotable. Some of them are not even human. Of course, I am talking about science fiction and fantasy characters. We, readers, love novels that give us relatable and unforgettable characters, the quirky the better. Some characters become part of pop culture. Daenerys, anyone? As an aspiring author, […]
What are Gateway Games? Gateway games are board games that you play with people who don’t usually play board games. These are games you play to convert non-gamers to the hobby. A gateway game introduces someone to board gaming while making a good first impression. Like a gateway drug, use to hook people into harder […]
Which Historical Characters Fascinate Me? Time travel is the ultimate fantasy. Sadly, time machines are not real. But if it was… Seriously, despite most people saying “I admire so and so or I would love to visit a specific significant time period”, in truth, they don’t know what they are talking about. Trust me, no […]
Till Death (or a Supervillain) Do Us Part Love makes life worth living. Without love, we are nothing. Romantic love is the best. Being in love makes us happy; losing a loved one makes us sad. It is human nature. Superheroes also fall in love. Some even get married–and many others end in divorce or […]
Who is the Greatest of Them All? What is the best superhero team? Is there a more divisive debate among comic book fans than who is the best superhero team? Do you want to make friends or enemies? Pick a team, any team. Watch people debate you to death. The irony with superhero teams is […]
The Future is Not Now Science fiction authors have a reputation for predicting the future. We previously debated it. In effect, some authors like William Gibson, you would call prescient. Is the future now? If so, why does it feel underwhelming? Cyberspace, virtual reality, personal computers, rocket trips to the moon, Mars rovers, robots, artificial […]
Black (Super) Power Who are the top ten black superheroes? Why does it matter? Let me tell you. It matters because African-Americans are US Americans too. And black people read comics too. But mostly because superheroes are role models and black superheroes can be role models for black kids who will be inspired to be […]
Tracing History Through Our Tongues Linguistics is not just a subfield of anthropology, it is essential to understanding human nature. Language allows us to communicate and cooperate. Language makes us humans. There are about 7,000 languages in the world. Yet, roughly one out of six people speak Chinese. The United Nations have six official languages […]
More Than Just a Ride Superhero vehicles are not as common a trope as superhero headquarters. They are still a beloved trope nonetheless. A vehicle by definition is a thing used for transportation. Thus, if you need to go from point A to point B, you take a car, bicycle, airplane, subway, boat, trolley, etc., […]
Weapons Make Some Heroes A weapon by definition is a thing made and use for bodily harm or a means to gain an advantage or defending oneself in a conflict. Not every superhero needs a weapon. Superman and Captain Marvel (Shazam!) do not use them. They are powerful enough. Nonetheless, some superheroes need weapons to […]
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