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Can Humans be Psionic? What is Psionics? Psionics is a fancy word for having paranormal mental abilities. An Esper refers to a person who has extra-sensorial perception. Whether you call it a sixth sense or paranormal abilities, the idea that humans can develop mental abilities and use them is an old one. Likewise is the […]
“I Have a Bad Feeling About This“ What does Star Wars have to do with the culture wars? Lots. If you thought the nation was divided and if you feel fandom could not be more divided… You are either naive or wisely staying away from social media and fan forums. To quote the famous line […]
My Star Wars Episode VIII Review I was finally able to watch the latest installment of the Star Wars franchise last Tuesday. Yes, I am kind of late. Life happens. Still, watching Star Wars on Imax at the Franklin Institute was worth the wait. Normally I would post a blog review on the first weekend […]
Is It a Spinoff or a Prequel? I finally watched ‘Star Wars: Rogue One‘ in theaters last Saturday and waited one day before writing a review. If you are a Star Wars fan I am sure you enjoyed the movie. Lots. No, loved it. Star Wars fans are some of the most devoted out there. […]
Why I Study Kung Fu? I am a martial artist. In addition, I love speculative fiction. I am a fighter. I consider myself a geek. Those two sides of me are not easy to reconcile. It was eleven and a half years ago when I started studying kung fu. One red sash (master level) and […]
What does it mean to Be a Fan? In my past two blog entries, I talked briefly about fans and fandom without going into detail. I mentioned being a proud Whovian. In addition, I discussed how you can be a Star Wars fan or a Star Trek fan at the same time. Regardless, some people […]
I just got home from watching Star Trek: Beyond. This blog is not a review of the film. I wholeheartedly recommend the movie and give it two thumbs up. It is quite an entertaining Summer popcorn movie.  Definitely worth watching on 3-D and on a big screen. I am neither going to spoil the plot […]
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