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Adult Mecha Anime Aldnoah Zero is one of my favorite anime. When I listed my top ten anime that influenced me, I put it at number three. Why? Because it contains two things I love in anime: space opera and adult themes. And mechas. But I am getting ahead of myself. The background story tells […]
Nerd at Work Hi, everybody. It is Labor Day in the USA! Since it has been about a year since I told you about stories I was working on I thought, what better day for a follow-up? I love writing short stories because I love reading them since I am pressed for time. However, I […]
Fran Wilde’s Fantastic Creation Twice before I posted about books I’d read lately, and books I highly recommend. I have also talked about books that personally inspire me. In this post, I am going to focus on two books that I read, one recently and one last year. They are both parts of the same […]
Arrival Movie I just got home from watching the movie Arrival which was highly recommended by my friend Dan. I must admit, this movie flew under the radar. Not a lot of buzz. To make matters worse, only two theaters in the area are showing it and one of them was sold out of both […]
I am a Writer and Writers Write What I am working on? I am a writer and writers write, right? It seems so obvious. Hence, the question: what are you writing? What do you write? Quick answers, nothing bought and published, yet. Still, I wear my rejection slips like badges of honor. As long as […]
January 2023