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Risky Literature for Modern Times How transgressive are science fiction and fantasy? Speculative fiction is an umbrella term for those stories that begin with a what-if proposition and explores its repercussions. Science fiction, fantasy, horror, dystopian, slipstream, alternate history, superhero fiction, and weird fiction are some of the genres encompassed by speculative fiction. Speculative fiction has […]
It is the End of the World and I Feel Bored Writing experts debate whether there are three, seven, or thirty-six writing plots. In speculative fiction, sometimes it feels there is only one: to save the world. Do every science fiction and fantasy novel need to be about the end of the world? Don’t readers […]
Out of This World Art Space art, also known as astronomical art, refers to artwork inspired by space and astronomical features such as black holes, nebulas, galaxies, etc. This is an art whose purpose is to showcase the wonders of space and space exploration. This is a modern art movement… Or is it? The ancients […]
Where Were You in 1997? Twilight Imperium of a strange hybrid of a board game. This is technically a science fiction strategy game. Made in the United States, the first and flagship game from Fantasy Flight Games back in 1997. Hence, this is the twenty-fifth anniversary of Twilight Imperium. Time flies. Where were you in […]
Is There a Gender Divide in Speculative Fiction? Speculative fiction is for everyone who loves challenging literature with lots of action, thought-provoking plots, and ideas, as well as make-belief and escapism. It is quite popular these days. However, fantasy is more popular than science fiction. That is a fact supported by the monthly best-selling lists. […]
The Future is Not Now Science fiction authors have a reputation for predicting the future. We previously debated it. In effect, some authors like William Gibson, you would call prescient. Is the future now? If so, why does it feel underwhelming? Cyberspace, virtual reality, personal computers, rocket trips to the moon, Mars rovers, robots, artificial […]
Our Fascinating Mechanical Servants Robots are prominent characters in science fiction. They are also essential in our industrial society to perform many jobs. Did Karel Capec know his creation would become this famous? Granted, the karakuri puppets and other automata were the precursors of robots. Humanity fantasized about moving machines before the Industrial Era, but […]
Is There Life in Another Universe? A parallel universe, also known as parallel dimension, parallel Earth, mirror universe, alternate timeline, Elseworld, multiverse, etc, refers to another universe outside our own. Quantum theory speculates our universe is one of many (Many Worlds Theory). String theory speculates that as our universe expands, it creates other universes. Dark […]
A Plot Convenience or Actual Science? Teleportation refers to the transfer of matter and energy from one place to another. For example, to go from Philadelphia to Buenos Aires in the blink of an eye. Teleportation is common in many speculative fiction stories. Like another common trope, time travel, it can be either science fiction […]
When Magic Meets Technology A technomancer is like a wizard except his spells are technology-based. Or like a necromancer, except he speaks with machines, not the dead. These are wizards experts in technomancy. Technomancy refers to magical abilities that affect machinery or the use of magical powers through technology. Indeed, a high-tech, low magic sort […]
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