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Do Writers Need a Pen Name? The short answer is no. Writers do not need a pen name. Would you think less of Dean Koontz if you knew him as Anthony North? Or would you read Animal Farm from Eric Arthur Blair rather than George Orwell? Would people still love Harry Potter from Joanne Rowling […]
Those Priceless Initials When I wrote a while ago the first part of this blog series, I explained why and how I came up with my pen name. It is no secret I named myself after Ingmar Bergman and Pedro Albizu Campos. There were two follow up blog posts explaining who they were and why […]
Why Call Myself Albizu? In a previous blog, I discussed the idea of pen names as a literary tradition. I also talked about how I chose my pen name and where the Ingmar part comes from (a homage to Ingmar Bergman). In this third part, I would like to discuss why I named myself Albizu: as a homage […]
Why Call Myself Ingmar? In a previous blog entry, I talk about pen names and how I chose mine. In part two of this blog, I want to further discuss how I chose my first name. The simple answer: because of Ingmar Bergman. Who was he? Arguably the greatest film director ever to come out […]
A Literary Tradition What is in a (pen) name? To paraphrase Shakespeare‘s famous quote from Romeo and Juliet, an author by any other name may write as well but, is it still as interesting? Many authors (and many celebrities too) use them. It’s almost like a literary tradition. Some do it because they want to […]
January 2023