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Can You Kill a Dream? Can you kill a dream? Of course, you can. Dreams exist within us. Yet, humans are finicky and with a propensity to change their minds. Dreams die daily. Often. Remember those new year’s resolutions? But what about a dream that is not individual? A collective dream? Can you kill it? […]
Albizu Couldn’t Have Chosen a Better Wife There is a popular saying in Spanish: “detras de cada gran hombre hay una gran mujer” (“behind every great man, there is a great woman”). Indeed, there was no greater woman in Puerto Rican history than Laura Meneses de Albizu. Born in Arequipa, Perú in March 31st, 1894, […]
My Controversial Role Model In honor of Don Pedro and my birthdays (September 12th and 13th respectively), I want to write another post about Albizu Campos. Doctor Pedro Albizu Campos was the kind of political leaders they no longer make. Those who know me know that I love Pedro Albizu Campos to the point I use […]
Why Call Myself Albizu? In a previous blog, I discussed the idea of pen names as a literary tradition. I also talked about how I chose my pen name and where the Ingmar part comes from (a homage to Ingmar Bergman). In this third part, I would like to discuss why I named myself Albizu: as a homage […]
A Literary Tradition What is in a (pen) name? To paraphrase Shakespeare‘s famous quote from Romeo and Juliet, an author by any other name may write as well but, is it still as interesting? Many authors (and many celebrities too) use them. It’s almost like a literary tradition. Some do it because they want to […]
January 2023