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Till Death (or a Supervillain) Do Us Part Love makes life worth living. Without love, we are nothing. Romantic love is the best. Being in love makes us happy; losing a loved one makes us sad. It is human nature. Superheroes also fall in love. Some even get married–and many others end in divorce or […]
The Boyfriend Did It? If there is a horror genre trope I am not a fan of is the “evil boyfriend” one. Can we let it go? Or come up with something different? Two people in love, (usually also lust), hunted by a monster or an armed killer… That seems to be the premise of […]
Latin America’s Biggest Cultural Export Is there a more misunderstood genre than the telenovela? Is there a bigger Latin American cultural export than the telenovela? Born in the 1950s in Brazil and México, the telenovela is not like a US soap opera despite their external similarities. Telenovelas have a beginning, a middle, and an ending, […]
The Rise of the Celebrity Author Is there one thing science fiction and fantasy fandom shares with literary fans is their love for books and authors. Readers love books and by extension the people who create them. Indeed, we love some authors so much, we turned them into celebrities. In effect, the “celebrity” author is […]
Love in the Times of the Time War Is there a more convoluted love story than time-agents Red and Blue? If these two females fight each other the way they write letters, beware. Spies, soldiers, rivals, opponents that are complete opposites in different and incompatible sides of a war raged across space and time, in […]
Speculative Romance? It is no secret I love poetry, especially speculative poetry. Nor is it a secret I grew up watching telenovelas and I read romance novels. Yes, I am a romantic. I believe in love. Who doesn’t like falling in love? Love makes life endurable. Love makes us human. Love gives the universe meaning. […]
Enemies to Lovers (Or Something Like That) What do we get when sci-fi and fantasy are mixed with sex, romance, bones, and skulls? You get the queer power couple of Gideon and Harrow. Who did not love Gideon the Ninth? Gideon was my breakout character of 2019. There was something about this reluctant foul-mouthed lesbian […]
Teratophilia is a Thing They say love can be dangerous; they say love is wild. They also say love can be magical, otherworldly, and scary. Yeah, they are clichés. Except not in speculative literature. Thanks to paranormal romance, romantic horror, erotic horror, urban fantasy, fantasy romance, and sword and sorcery, but mostly paranormal romance, we […]
The Ultimate Cultural Amalgam Why do we love Santa Claus? He is neither young, muscular, or attractive. In fact, he is old, obese, and has more facial hair than ZZ Top, and all grey. Neither he follows the most balanced, nutritious diet. Milk and cookies, really? Worse, Santa Claus is not connected at all to […]
The Problem with Haters A hater is a very negative and critical person. These are people who immensely dislike someone or something. They are open about their dislike. In that regard, they are very honest. The problem with haters is not that they hate you or your work. The problem is that they are very […]
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