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Who Was Ramón Power y Giralt? Ramón Power y Giralt was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico on October 7th, 1775, and died in Cádiz, Spain, on June 10th, 1813.  He was a navy captain, a legislator, and a delegate to the Spanish courts on behalf of Puerto Rico. Power y Giralt was listed on […]
Superheroes are Role Models Superheroes are role models and they can teach us lots of life lessons. When we think of life lessons we can learn from superheroes, we think of bravery, taking responsibility, defending liberty, justice, etc. Those are obvious ones. Besides, how hard can it be to be brave when you are bulletproof? […]
Too Young, Too Short Enrique José Martín Morales was born on December 24th, 1971 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He is a singer, actor, dancer, author, and humanitarian. Enrique is the only child in common of Enrique Martín and Nereida Morales. He has several half-siblings from each parent. He is married to Jwan Yossef and […]
Meet Charlito Charles Manuel Pasarell Jr. was born on February 12th, 1944 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Because he was a junior, his family called him Charlito. Charlie Pasarell is the greatest male tennis player from Puerto Rico. He is also a Hall of Famer and the founder of the Indian Wells Masters 1000 tennis […]
An Out of This World Puerto Rican Joseph (Joe) Michael Acabá, the pride of Hatillo, Puerto Rico, was born in Inglewood, California on May 17th, 1967. He grew up in Anaheim (where Disneyland is located). He is the third son of Ralph and Elsie Acabá from Hatillo, who moved to California in the 1960s. In […]
Everyone Needs a Mentor and a Coach Coaching and mentoring are two concepts people confuse. They do not quite mean the same thing. Coaching refers to a professional who helps people achieve goals and develop skills through training and counseling. Meanwhile, mentoring refers to a person who advises and trains another professional, especially a beginner. […]
Who Was José de Diego? José de Diego y Martínez was born in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico on April 16th, 1866 and died in New York City on July 16th, 1918. He was a poet, a politician, a journalist, a lawyer, and an advocate. He was the son of Felipe de Diego Parajón, an army officer […]
Flying Through the Stars Faster Than Light Starship pilots, space pilots, spaceship pilots, or simply pilots, whatever you call them, are the intrepid men and women who fly spaceships. And just like on Earth you would not trust just anyone to fly airplanes, we would not trust anyone to fly spaceships. Pilots have to be […]
Scientist, Inventor, Engineer Olga D. González was born in Patillas, Puerto Rico. She is married to NASA engineer Rafael Sanabria. They have two daughters. Patillas is known as “the Emerald of the South” because of how green the hills are. Olga will become the emerald of NASA. Indeed, she is arguably the greatest Puerto Rican […]
A Boricua Queen Among Royals Wilnelia Merced Cruz, or Lady Wilnelia Forsyth-Johnson as she is known in Britain, was born in Caguas, Puerto Rico on October 12th, 1957. She is the daughter of Enrique Merced and Delia Cruz. Wilnelia, motivated by her mom, started competing in beauty pageants when she was eight years old. In […]
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