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About Thanksgiving and Speculation Thanksgiving Day is the ultimate USA holiday. Granted, only five countries on the whole planet celebrate it. But here is a bigger deal, whether in terms of travel or food preparation. I kind of like the idea of one day of gratitude and sharing with others. And despite the current cynicism […]
In Space, No One Can Hear You Laugh Comic or comedic science fiction, funny sci-fi, humorous science fiction… Whatever you call it, it is a subgenre of science fiction literature with a few but respectable literary tradition. And before you ask, yes, there is more to funny science fiction than just Douglas Adams. Science fiction […]
Death of a Cultural Touchstone It was reported on July 3rd (what a way to screw up your upcoming holiday) that MAD magazine will cease to publish original material after issue #9. Although the magazine will continue running reprints, there will be no new material printed. This is sad news. Sad news for its current […]
Seeing the Funny Inside the Macabre There is a nihilistic element to life. No matter how long we live, eventually we all die. It is inevitable. We cannot overrun our mortality. Death is the great equalizer. It does not discriminate among rich or poor, gender, social class, race or nationality. We could choose to live […]
Worth the Wait? Finally! I was finally able to see Condorito The Movie. The film came out in Latin America last October and in the USA last January. Except, for some weird reason in select theaters. And by select, I mean only twelve. Twelve! What were they thinking? Twelve!? More puzzling, neither Philadelphia nor New […]
Who is Condorito? Back when I posted random facts about me, I listed at #7 that I adored Condorito. My actual words then were: “Latin America’s answer to Mickey Mouse is funny, irreverent and foul-mouthed. His brand of “white humor” (aka, harmless and apolitical) helped him escape censorship and become a beloved icon.” Who is […]
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