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What Are Abstract Games? Abstract games sound… Intimidating, complicated. In reality, they are not. Don’t let the word abstract scare you away. Abstract games are board games where there is no theme (don’t expect War of the Rings), no narrative (don’t expect Arkham Horror), and no luck or randomness (don’t expect Can’t Stop). So what […]
What are Gateway Games? Gateway games are board games that you play with people who don’t usually play board games. These are games you play to convert non-gamers to the hobby. A gateway game introduces someone to board gaming while making a good first impression. Like a gateway drug, use to hook people into harder […]
Where Were You in 1997? Twilight Imperium of a strange hybrid of a board game. This is technically a science fiction strategy game. Made in the United States, the first and flagship game from Fantasy Flight Games back in 1997. Hence, this is the twenty-fifth anniversary of Twilight Imperium. Time flies. Where were you in […]
Fandom Loves Tabletop Games Gaming, particularly board gaming, and fandom go hand in hand like beer and pretzels. Whether it is Eurogames, Ameritrash games, party games, or old school tabletop RPGs, fandom is attracted to them. Granted, fandom loves artwork, and fandom loves fanfic, fan art, and tie-in media. Yet, the relationship with gaming runs […]
On Playing Your Science Fiction Fantasies Gaming and fandom go together like ketchup and mustard. Indeed, some games are so intricate, engrossing, and good as the best sci-fi books, but interactive. Conversely, most of those games are so complex and long (five hours or more of gameplay), they are not apt for beginners or even […]
Pen, Paper, and Pencil In all honesty, I did not grow up with Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). However, I was a big fan of the cartoon. I loved the cartoon. Somehow I was unaware the cartoon (Calabozos y Dragones in Spanish) was based on a tabletop game. Role play games were not a Puerto Rican […]
Dominoes as a Metaphor for Life One more week until Valentine’s Day, therefore, what about a post about relationship advice? Granted, I am not a marriage counselor or couples therapist. What I am is someone who is been in a relationship for the past nineteen years and counting. People always ask, what is the secret to […]
Poker with Spaceships Have you ever played Cosmic Encounter? Yes? Kudos to you. No? What kind of science fiction fan are you? You are missing out on quite the sci-fi experience. Cosmic Encounter is an Ameritrash board game heavy on theme but with certain elements of a party game and even a few of a Eurogame. […]
Playing in Groups is So Much Fun A party is a social gathering where guests (usually invited) get together to share drinks, food, music, and entertainment. Some parties are dull, others are memorable. A good way to ensure your guest have a good time and rave about your party is to include party games. Party […]
European Style–With Meeples! European (okay, mostly German-style) board games are responsible for the renaissance of hobbies among adults. Remember, it was a then-obscure German game named Settlers of Catan which brought eurogames to the mainstream. We previously looked at Ameritrash games, high on theme and conflict. But what about their cousins from the other side […]
March 2023