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Blogging is Stressful Today, I want to talk about the pressure of blogging. “If you want to be a published author, you need a platform. Become a blogger, and control your brand. Writers need blogs.” That is the advice they gave every single aspiring author at every writing conference or workshop. Agents, in particular, want […]
One Word to Focus on in 2023 Forget New Year’s resolutions. Many swear by having one word to describe the new year. It is a way to focus on their intentions and goals. I previously shared my word for 2021 (action) and my word for 2022 (hope). Which should be the one for this year? […]
No Dream is Too Big or Too Bold Dreams give our lives purpose. Dreams keep us going. Without dreams, we are like zombies, going through life but not living. Everyone’s dreams are different. Some people dream of meeting their favorite celebrity. Others dream of marriage or going out on a date. Many more dream of […]
Everyone Needs a Mentor and a Coach Coaching and mentoring are two concepts people confuse. They do not quite mean the same thing. Coaching refers to a professional who helps people achieve goals and develop skills through training and counseling. Meanwhile, mentoring refers to a person who advises and trains another professional, especially a beginner. […]
Everyone Wants to Be an Influencer Serendipity? I read an article on Medium where the author said how everyone wanted to be an entrepreneur working on a killer app from their parent’s basement or an influencer. Is that a bad thing? At least they have goals, they are driven, no? They believe in their dreams, […]
Winners are Made Félix Juan Trinidad García (known as “Tito“) was born on January 10th, 1973 in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. He is a professional boxer and three-time boxing world champion in three different weight divisions. He is the son of Félix Trinidad Sr. and Irma Doris García. He is happily married to Sharon Santiago and […]
A State of Being It is a tradition to begin the new year by choosing a word to represent it. My word for 2022 is hope. Happiness is a state of being. So is hopefulness. Hope, by definition, is a state of being where you think you will achieve those things you want, that things […]
What Measures Do You Use? Success by definition is the achievement of something you have been trying to do. When we talk about a successful person, we usually mean someone who had achieved the double F of fame and fortune. Still, how should we creatives define success? What measures do we use? Page views? Likes? […]
The Mouth That Scared an Empire Don Pedro Albizu Campos is the father of the Puerto Rican homeland. His labor and sacrifice for the cause of Puerto Rican independence are unparalleled. The list of his accomplishments is a long one. The colonial power thought by killing him and erasing him from the history books, we […]
What is a Writing Workshop? A writers workshop is a setting where writers who want to take their writing to the next level submit their work for review and critique. Sometimes peer-reviewed, most times by a professional writer or editor. A writing workshop is not a writer’s conference. The goal of conferences is usually learning […]
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