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Highlights from Boskone 55

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I attended Boskone 54 and had such a great time, I attended again. Unfortunately, due to causes out of my control, I did not get the full experience.

Saturday was my only true day at the con. It was amazing. Just wish I could have stayed the full weekend.

Here are my personal highlights from Boskone 55:

Allen Steele reading Starship Moon, forthcoming at Asimov’s

  1. I idolize Allen Steele. Arkwright is the kind of optimistic, hopeful, and epic science fiction I love to read. The reading of his newest work (titled Starship Moon) made the con for me.
  2. Walter Hunt‘s reading was a revelation. I am not familiar with his work. But I go to fan conventions to discover new authors. I need to check his work now. His reading was so much fun. His story had so much worldbuilding and lovely details.
  3. Speaking of discovering new authors, Darlene Marshall, Max Gladstone, and Hillary Monahan sold me! Literary made me want to buy their books.
  4. The art show was amazing. Unfortunately, I could not buy any of the paintings I wanted. Thank God for business cards. I will get those prints.
  5. The few panels I attended were great. The one about Religious Characters in Fiction was the best!
  6. The “sex” panel was entertaining but two authors dominated it (in a good way). Their contrast and divergent opinions elevated the discussion. I usually love like-mindedness, but like in good fiction, conflict and disagreement are more entertaining.
  7. Special mention to the Boskone 55 staff who was extremely polite, accommodating, and helpful.
  8. Finally, what can I say about the guest of honor? I wish I could have seen more of her. Love her! Mary Robinette Kowal is so articulated, knowledgeable, and gracious. And so beautiful in person. Pictures do not make her justice. (Yes, I know is irrelevant to her writing, but it does not make it less true).
  9. The Philcon/Heliosphere party was the best. Those cheesecakes! Seriously, lovely people talking fandom stuff. What would you rather do after 9:00 PM?

Final Thoughts

Guest of Honor Mary Robinette Kowal at the Historical Fantasy panel

I enjoyed my little time at Boksone 55 but not as much as last year. Why? Because I wasn’t able to experience the full weekend. Not their fault.

One piece of advice, if you travel out of town to a science fiction convention, make sure you travel with other fans, people who are into the same things you are and want to partake in the activities. Otherwise, you are going to end arguing and having a miserable time. Actually, I think I may go to Worldcon by myself.

Enough ranting. Readers: start your reservations for Boskone 56. I heard Elizabeth Hand will be Guest of Honor. Also, their con is highly professional and well organized.

Finally, I leave you with a quote from this year’s Guest of Honor herself, Mary Robinette Kowal, which resonate with me and just have to share:

“Making mistakes is not the problem; it is how you react to them. Ask yourself, why are you writing this book? What do you want to say?” -Mary Robinette Kowal

Reader, did you attend Boskone 55? Which were your highlights?

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