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Ingmar Albizu

Welcome to Ingmar Albizu’s Speculative Tertulia


Welcome to my personal page/blog. Grab a front-row seat. Coffee is brewing. I can boil some tea or hot cocoa if you prefer.

Speculative Tertulia‘ is the name of my blog.

Speculative for speculative fiction, tertulia is the Spanish word for a friendly debate. Indeed, you are welcome to chat. I encourage you to.

You must be wondering: who is this Albizu fellow? Why did he start a blog? And what will he be blogging about?

But where are my manners? I am sorry, allow me to properly introduce myself.

Ingmar Albizu is the alias for this aspiring genre writer. And when I said aspiring what I truly mean is unpublished and many times rejected.

Yes, I admit, the slush pile and I are intimate. But who among us has not felt its pull?

But we write because we must, because the stories we want to tell do not want to remain silent.

And yes, that is me, in the photo above, a rare occasion I am not wearing a hat. That photo was taken at the New Jersey Aquarium.

What Should the Readers Expect?

This blog is made by a speculative fan for fans. Although I will cover other topics of my interest. For more info check my blog manifesto.

I have created this blog with the desire to discuss, debate, and further explore my many interests. But let me warn you, this blog is uninhibited; nothing is off-limits. Click at your peril.

Of course, there will be main topics such as science fiction, anime, martial arts, urban astronomy, anthropology, books (I love books!), etc., as well as other pop culture themes.

You are all cordially invited. Your comments and opinions are strongly encouraged. Thus, feel free to disagree with me and put me in my place. I can take it.

Because despite a ‘tertulia’ being by definition a gathering of like-minded persons, I am also a firm believer too much affinity can be boring. And no one likes boring, especially from a writer.

So, grab your drink of choice and join me in this gathering of minds. Let me hear your voice. Don’t be shy.

Since we are all consenting adults here, please share your wisdom with me. Just bring an open mind. And marshmallows.

Marshmallows are always good. I trust we can connect and interact.

In conclusion, let’s grok each other!

Yes, even Puerto Ricans have read Heinlein. Ha!

PS. I am also on Medium and Pinterest.